1. Air Conditioner Policy
  2. Bad Debt Write-Off Policy
  3. Board Appearance Policy
  4. Capitalization Policy
  5. Code of Conduct
  6. Credit Card Policy
  7. Damage Charge Policy
  8. Disposition Policy
  9. Employee Drug and Alcohol Policy
  10. Vehicle and Parking Policy
  11. Fraud Policy
  12. Grievance Panel and Printable Policy
  13. Internet Email Policy
  14. Lockout Policy
  15. Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance Plan
  16. Personnel Policy
  17. Pet Policy
  18. Procurement Policy
  19. Progressive Discipline Policy
  20. Rent Collection Policy
  21. Snow Removal Policy
  22. Tenant Selection Occupancy Policy
  23. Travel Policy


Air Conditioner Policy

Tenants may have an air conditioner in their apartments during the summer months, June 1 through September 30. It is the responsibility of the residents to provide, install, and maintain their air conditioner unit. Air conditioners must be installed in windows in the rear of the buildings. No air conditioners may be installed in front of building.

All air conditioners must be removed at the end of the season (June 1 through September 30) unless the tenant has a letter from his/her doctor stating medical need for a conditioner during the winter month.

Updated Physician letter must be submitted each year.

Regulation Regarding Air Conditioners:

The tenants may, at no charge, have an Air Conditioner in their apartments during the summer months. This must be removed for the winter unless a tenant has a letter from her Doctor stating a need for a conditioner during the winter months.


Bad Debt Write-Off Policy

Tenants that move out with balances owed to the housing authority will be sent a letter informing them of the amount due. They will be given 30 days to pay the balance or to make satisfactory arrangements.

If there is no communication from the tenant and the balance owed is greater than $100.00 but less than $2,500.00 an action will be filed in small claims court. Amounts owed in excess of $2,500 will be filed in the appropriate court.

If an order has been made from the court or acceptable payment arrangements have been made between the Tenant and Executive Director, the debt will be carried as a current receivable. If three consecutive payments are missed and the balance is less than $500.00 the balance will be written off the customer balance summary report. An excel spreadsheet will be maintained to track any future payments made (or lack of payments made).

If three consecutive payments are missed and the balance is $500.00 or greater, court action will be pursued. All amounts owed will be pursued until the Director determines that all efforts to collect the debt have been exhausted and it is no longer feasible to continue to pursue the debt. Any amount owed upon moving from the premises less than $100.00 will be written off to bad debts.


Board Appearance Policy

If a resident of the Holliston Housing Authority wishes to address the Board of Commissioners at a regularly scheduled meeting, the resident must have first exhausted all attempts to resolve the issue by following the Grievance Procedure adopted by the Board of Commissioners and approved by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DRCD).

The resident will at first meet with the Executive Director to discuss the issue and try to come to an acceptable solution. If the resident is not satisfied, they may file a Grievance Complaint Form at the office and schedule a hearing before an impartial grievance officer. If the resident is not satisfied with the decision of the hearing officer, the resident may then address the Board of Commissioners at the next scheduled meeting.

The resident must be specific regarding the matter that they want to discuss, which may not be a grievable matter.

Should any interested party wish to address the Board of Commissioners of the Holliston Housing Authority, they may do so by submitting the request to the Executive Director no later than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the next scheduled Board meeting. The request must state specifically the purpose of the appearance. The request may be added to the agenda under New Business.


Capitalization Policy

The Holliston Housing Authority adopts the following capitalization policy for the purpose of determining, distinguishing and recording materials and non-expendable equipment and personal property purchased or acquired in connection with the development, management, and maintenance of public housing developments owned or operated by this authority.

  1. If the initial cost of a piece of equipment and/or other personal property is five thousand dollars ($5000.00) or more and the anticipated life or useful value of said equipment or property is more than one (1) year, the same shall be capitalized and recorded as non-expendable equipment and charged as a capital expenditure.
  2. If the initial cost of the piece of equipment and/or personal property is less than five thousand dollars ($5000.00) or its useful life is less than one (1) year regardless of cost, the same shall be treated and recorded as materials or inventory and charged to maintenance, administration, or tenant service expense.
  3. The Executive Director, or the Executive Director’s designee, is authorized and directed to determine whether each piece of equipment or other personal property that is acquired by the housing authority in connection with the development, management and maintenance of the properties owned or operated by the housing authority, shall be classified as material or non expendable as defined in the preceding sections. The Executive Director is further directed to ensure that the determination is documented in the appropriate records of the housing authority and retained for the information and guidance of its personnel and for audit purposes.



Code of Conduct

Misconduct and Prohibitive Practices

Rules of conduct for employees are necessary so that employees may understand what is expected of them. All Holliston Housing Authority employees are expected to obey civil and criminal laws.

Criminal Conduct

The following conduct is so serious and detrimental to the Holliston Housing Authority mission and its responsibility that proof of such conduct may result in discharge.

  • Falsification or forgery of Holliston Housing Authority records or documents, including without limitation, applications for employment and falsification of work order reports.
  • Theft or stealing from Holliston Housing Authority employees, the Holliston Housing Authority or Holliston Housing Authority Residents.
  • The possession, concealment or use of any weapons while on Holliston Housing Authority property at any time including without limitation, guns, knives, clubs, blackjacks, brass knuckles, ice picks and chains.
  • Sale of illegal substances on the property of the Holliston Housing Authority at any time.
Prohibited Employee Conduct

The following conduct may result in either a written letter of reprimand for insertion in the employee’s personnel file, a suspension without pay or discharge depending on the circumstances surrounding the conduct and employees employment record:

  • Sleeping on Holliston Housing Authority premises during work hours.
  • Unexcused absences from assigned work area, absence from assigned work area without proper notification of the supervisor, unexcused absences, habitual tardiness and early abandonment of work.
  • Insubordination of any sort, including without limitation refusal to obey work instructions from supervisor and/or manager
  • Violation of any safety rules, including failure to use safety devices without authorization and smoking where prohibited.
  • Unauthorized operation of or tampering with tools and equipment Reckless destruction or damage to property, including Holliston Housing Authority tools, equipment and property belonging to fellow employees.
  • Disorderly or inappropriate conduct on Holliston Housing Authority, including without limitation, a failure to treat Residents, Visitors and other employees with respect and any conduct which may tend to bring disrespect to Holliston Housing Authority, being under the influence of alcohol or non prescriptive drugs during working hours, or reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or non prescription drugs.
  • Willfully or wantonly reckless conduct, which endangers people, property or equipment, including without limitation fighting and or assault on other employees of the Holliston Housing Authority or Residents of the Holliston Housing Authority developments.
  • The use of Holliston Housing Authority materials and equipment for personal jobs or gain and the performance of personal work or work for another employee on Holliston Housing Authority time.
  • Breach of confidentiality which attaches to any information regarding Holliston Housing Authority Residents, employees, or business to which the employees have access in the course of his/her duties.
  • Appropriating or converting to personal use, any property or services belonging to or for the benefit of the Holliston Housing Authority including money, labor, materials, supplies, equipment, telephone service (local and long distance), credit cards and any other like items under the control of the Holliston Housing Authority.


Credit Card Policy

Holliston Housing Authority Credit cards will be used only for business. Personal purchases of any type are not allowed.

The following purchases are not allowed:

✓ Capital equipment and upgrades over $5,000
✓ Construction, renovation/installation
✓ Items or services on term contracts
✓ Maintenance agreements
✓ Personal items or loans
✓ Purchases involving trade-in of HHA property
✓ Any items deemed inconsistent with the values of the agency
✓ Cash advances on credit cards are not, allowed.

Cardholders will be required to sign an agreement indicating their acceptance of these terms. Individuals who do not adhere to these policies and procedures will risk revocation of their credit card privileges and/or disciplinary action.

Detailed receipts must be retained and attached to the credit card statements. In the case of meals and entertainment, each receipt must include the date, time, names of all persons involved in the purchase, and a brief description of the business purpose of the purchase, in accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations.

All monthly statements submitted for payment must have the appropriate account number(s) and the associated amounts clearly written on the statement.


Damage Charge Policy

Tenants are responsible for reporting any damage to Housing Authority Property within twenty four (24) hours.

In addition, during the course of an annual or special inspection of a unit, any damages that are incurred by the tenant will be noted and a list of those damages will be sent to the tenant by written notice. The tenant will then have thirty (30) days in which to arrange for repair, replace or resolve the damages. A re-inspection date will be scheduled and noted in the notice.

Upon re-inspection, if the damages are not repaired, replaced or resolved, the Holliston Housing Authority will repair, replace or resolve the damages and the tenant will be responsible for the cost of labor and materials for any work done in accordance with the Schedule of Maintenance Charges in effect at the time the damages are incurred or actual cost. (*prices subject to change per the Executive Director)

The tenant will be sent the invoice for the charges and the tenant will be requiring to pay the charges within thirty (30) days from receiving the invoice. Failure to pay will be considered a violation of the lease, Section IX (N) and further action shall be taken.

During the course of a move-out inspection, any damages incurred by the tenant will be noted and a list of those damages and an invoice for the repair and or replacement will be sent to the tenant by written notice. The damages will be repaired, replaced or resolved by the Holliston Housing Authority and the tenant will be charged for the cost of labor and materials in accordance with actual cost or the Schedule of Maintenance Charges.

(*subject to change per the Executive Director) in effect at time the damages are incurred. Such notice will be sent to the tenant at their last known address or forwarding address if provided by the tenant. The tenant will have thirty (30) days to submit the amount owed for the damages. If payment is not received within thirty (30) days, the Holliston Housing Authority may pursue restitution in Small Claims Court.




Copy of Schedule of Maintenance Charges

Special Charges
Lockouts (after normal working hours)$25.00
Lockouts (weekends and holidays) $35.00
Keys and Locks
Front Door Locks$25.00
Replace Lost Keys $5.00
Bulbs $2.00
9 Watt Tube $8.00
13 Watt Tube$8.00
9” Circuline $9.00
12” Circuline
16” Circuline
24” Fluorescent$4.00
48” Fluorescent $7.00
Appliance bulb $2.00
Windows & Doors
Each Sash$50.00
Each Sash (bathroom & kitchen)$30.00
Anderson Windows (complete & picture window$175.00
Anderson Window & picture window (glass only)$125.00
Window screen (repair) $10.00
Window screen (replace) $25.00
Window shades (large) $40.00
Window shades (small)
Interior Doors$100.00
Closet Folding Doors $80.00
Closet Sliding Doors$100.00
Clogged toilet (tenant-caused) $35.00
Medicine cabinet $45.00
Medicine cabinet door
Towel bar $15.00
Toilet seat
Sink strainer
Kitchen Cabinets Actual Cost
Refrigerator parts for tenant caused damage Actual Cost
8" burner unit $20.00
6" burner unit$15.00
Broiler elements$35.00
Broiler pan $20.00
Bake/broil knobs $20.00
Bake elements
Toggle switch $5.00
Fan knobs
Clogged sink (tenant-caused) $20.00
Smoke Detectors $20.00
Thermostat $20.00
Carpet Actual Cost
Additional Dumpster costs 75.00



Disposition Policy

Holliston Housing Authority’s property may not be sold or exchanged for less than its fair value. Property value of $5,000.00 or more, which is to be sold to other than a public body for public use, must be sold at public sale.

Sales of excess of personal property should be made in the following manner:

  1. If the estimated sales value of the Authority property offered for sale is less than $1,000.00, the Executive Director or designated representative of the Authority may negotiate a sale in the open market after such informal inquiry, as he/she considers necessary to ensure a fair return to the Housing Authority. The sale must be documented by an appropriate bill of sale.
  2. For sales from $1,000.00 to $10,000.00, the Executive Director or designated representative of the Authority may solicit informal bids orally, by telephone, or in writing from all known prospective purchasers and a tabulation of all such bids received must be prepared and retained as part of the permanent record. The sale must be documented by an appropriate bill of sale.
  3. For sales of $10,000.00 or more, the award of such contract must be made only after advertising for formal bids. Such advertising must be at least 15 days prior to award of the sales contract and should be by advertisement in newspapers or circular letters to all prospective purchasers. In addition, notices must be posted in public places. A tabulation of all bids received should be prepared and filed with the contract as a part of the permanent record. The award will be made to the highest bidder as to price.
  4. The sale of personal property or purchase of supplies or services from a public body for use are now exempt from the provisions of Chapter 30B. The transfer must be documented by an appropriate bill of sale or other written backup and have prior Board Approval.

Authority property may not be destroyed, abandoned, or donated without prior approval of the Board. The Executive Director or designated representative of the Authority must make every effort to dispose of excess property as outlined above. However, if the property has no scrap or salvage value and a purchaser cannot be found, a statement should be prepared by the Executive Director listing the prospective bidders solicited and all other efforts made to sell property, together with recommendations as to the manner of disposition. This statement should be referred to the Board for its approval. A copy of the Boards approval, together with the complete documentation is support of the destruction, abandonment, or donation, must be retained as a part of the permanent records.



Employee Drug and Alcohol Policy

  1. The illegal use, sale, manufacture, distribution or possession of a controlled substance by any employee while on Holliston Housing Authority property, or while acting in the Authority’s capacity, or reporting for work under the influence of a controlled substance is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  2. Such activities are prohibited by law, adversely affect the employee’s Safety, health and job performance, constitute a potential danger to the Health, safety, security and welfare of other employees, tenants, and Guests, and may expose the Holliston Housing Authority to the risk of property damage or other liability.
  3. Employees officially charged with a criminal drug offense (regardless of location, day or time) are also in violation of this policy.
  4. The use, sale, manufacture, distribution or possession of alcoholic beverages by ‘any employee while on Holliston Housing Authority property, or while acting in the Authority’s capacity, or reporting for work under the influence of, or impaired by alcohol is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Exceptions to this paragraph will be allowed on “special occasions” ONLY when authorized by the Board of Directors.
  5. Employees who take legally prescribed and/or over the counter medications must be able to perform job requirements in a safe and efficient manner. When such medications adversely affect job performance, employees must use accrued sick or vacation leave until they are able to perform their job responsibilities as required.

VIOLATIONS OF THIS POLICY WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION, UP TO AND INCLUDING TERMINATION. In some circumstances, the Holliston Housing Authority will bring the matter to the attention of appropriated law enforcement authorities.



Vehicle and Parking Policy


The purpose of this Parking Policy is to ensure that the legal residents of the Holliston Housing Authority have exclusive use of the Authority’s property designed for parking.


  1. Residents of the Authority must register their vehicles with the Massachusetts Registry ofMotor Vehicles.
  2. Residents must present to the Authority a copy of the official current Massachusetts registration of their vehicle(s). The registration of the vehicle must be in the name of the legal resident of the Authority a person listed on the lease or on the lease addendum.
  3. No unregistered or uninsured motor vehicle are allowed on Housing Authority property.

    • No one other than members of the household may keep a registered vehicle on the property.
    • Only one (1) registered vehicle per household.


  1. No resident shall perform any work on, or repairs to, any vehicle on the property of the Housing Authority.
  2. Unregistered, inoperable cars shall not be “garaged” in the Authority parking areas.
  3. No commercial vehicles are to be parked on the premises of the Authority unless they have written approval from the Housing Authority.
  4. Parking of any campers, boats, boat traders, Jet skis, motorcycles or any large or seasonal item is prohibited on Housing Authority property. Parking or storage of any item other than a tenant’s motor vehicle is prohibited unless authorized by the Holliston Housing Authority.
  5. Under no circumstances will parking or storage of any item belonging to a non-resident be allowed. Infringement of this policy will result in towing in accordance with all laws, and storage at the tenant’s expense.


  1. In cases of extreme emergency or exceptional circumstances the Executive Director or his or her designee can make exceptions to allow an unregistered car to remain on the property.


Fraud Policy

Fraud generally involves a willful or deliberate act with the intention of obtaining an unauthorized benefit, such as money or property, by deception or other unethical means. All fraudulent acts are included under this policy and include such things as:

  • Embezzlement, misappropriation or other financial irregularities
  • Forgery or alteration of documents (checks, time sheets, contractor agreements, purchase orders, other financial documents, electronic files)
  • Improprieties in handling or reporting of money or financial transactions
  • Misappropriation of funds, securities, supplies, inventory, or any other asset (including furniture, fixtures of equipment)
  • Authorizing or receiving payment for goods not received or services not performed Authorizing or receiving payments for hours not worked

Any one who believes fraud has occurred should report such incident. Employees are protected under Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 149, section 185, from retaliatory actions by the employer. You may report your concerns to your immediate supervisor, the executive director or a Holliston Housing Authority Board Member.

Responsibilities of management and non-managerial staff for handling fraudulent activities include the following:

  • Insure that notification promptly reaches the Executive Director, and Insure that notification promptly reaches the Board of Commissioners
  • Do not contact the suspected individuals to determine facts or demand restitution
  • Do not discuss the case, facts, suspicions, or allegations with anyone, unless specifically directed to do so by the Executive Director or Board of Commissioners
  • Direct all inquiries from any suspected individual, his or her representative, or his or her attorney to the Executive Director or Board of Commissioners.

Great care must be taken in the dealing with suspected fraudulent activities to avoid any incorrect accusations, alerting suspected individuals that an investigation is under way, violating any person’s right to due process, or making statements that could lead to claims of false accusation or other civil rights violations.

Non-Fraud Irregularities: Identification or allegations of acts outside the scope of this policy, such as personal improprieties or irregularities, whether moral, ethical, or behavioral, safety or work environment related, or complaints of discrimination or sexual harassment, should be resolved by the respective area management.



Grievance Panel and Printable Policy


Alternate Grievance Panel

  • Candace Loewen
    Foxboro Housing Authority
  • Jane Derrick
    Holliston Housing Authority

Grievance Policy and Panel (PDF)



Internet Email Policy

The policy applies to computer use-email and internet-as well as any other communications transmission including but not limited to voice mail and facsimile transmissions. All transmission and access of information or materials is to be solely for company business. Holliston Housing Authority reserves the right to monitor all communications and access usage. All communications, information or materials received for sent via such resources must be transmitted, stored, and accessed in a manner that safeguards appropriate confidentiality. Employees and others working for Holliston Housing Authority may not:

  1. Under any circumstances transmit, access, or download offensive, fraudulent, or defamatory images or text, such as pornography or off-color jokes, or anything that may be construed as illegally harassing or offensive to others.
  2. Transmit or download copyrighted images, games, or text belonging to third parties without the copyright-holder’s permission.
  3. Transmit Holliston Housing Authority, tenant, applicant, or employee information to third parties without the express permission of the Executive Director.
  4. Download or open any file received from any source outside Holliston Housing Authority without first scanning the same for viruses using an approved virus-checking program. Employees who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.



Lockout Policy

The Holliston Housing Authority adopts the following lockout policy for the purpose of resident relations.

A staff member will let in any resident locked out of their apartment during regular business hours with a master key at no charge. Staff will not be allowed to unlock apartment doors for anyone other than the legal resident of the apartment.

If a lockout occurs after hours weekdays or holidays the resident is responsible to ensure a family member or neighbor has a key to the apartment and is willing/able to let them in.

If the neighbor of family member is unavailable, and as a last resort, the resident will notify maintenance, using the emergency cell phone number.

The maintenance personnel will respond as an emergency and be compensated in accordance with the personnel policy.

A lockout fee of twenty five dollars ($25.00) will be charged to the tenants’ account the following day. Lock out fees are to be paid at the office and not directly to the maintenance personnel.

If lockout occurs on a weekend or a Holiday a thirty five dollar ($35.00) fee will be charged.



Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance Plan

The Holliston Housing Authority currently owns 72 units of State subsidized housing for the elderly and 6 units for families. The following is a plan that we feel will keep these units decent, safe and sanitary for use by the elderly and families they serve. Our first priority is always safety of the tenants housed. Our second priority will be given to vacant units so that they can be leased-up, thereby serving the elderly and families on our Waiting List.

Daily Duties

Main Entrances should be swept, if needed, to be sure all egresses are free of dirt and materials that are dangerous to safety.

Community Rooms
Vacuumed and dusted.

Ladies & Men’s Rooms
Toilets, sinks and floors should be cleaned daily.

Snow Removal
Ice and snow to be removed daily from all entrances and walkways. Use sand and chemicals as needed. Receptacles for sand/chemicals to be kept available at all times. Parking lots to be plowed as soon as walkways and entrances are cleared.


Weekly Duties

All hallways are to be swept weekly. Landing and stairwells damp mopped. Fingerprints washed off walls and doors.

Mowed as needed. All cuttings to be disposed of properly (dumped either in specified location or in dumpster).

Dumpster Area
Free of all debris after being emptied by the Trash Removal company,



Storm Drains & Catch Basins
To be inspected, and make sure they are free of all debris.

Semi-Annual Parking Lots
To be inspected to ensure condition is safe. Sand to be removed in the Spring.

Inspected to be sure they are free of all leaves in the Fall before frost sets.


Storm Doors
All doors to have glass inserts in place; adjust to make sure they close properly.



To be inserted and hardware adjusted.

Water Heaters
Flushed until water is clear

Smoke Detectors
Check to see if working

Community Room Appliances
Stove cleaned – Refrigerator defrosted and washed thoroughly.

Septic System
Both 667 and 705 to be pumped and inspected.

Annual Duties

Once a year the developments will be inspected with Maintenance Supervisor, Executive Director, and Chairperson of Authority. Inspection encompasses entire project to ascertain major repairs needed (painting, bushes, plantings, fences, community rooms, hallways and laundry rooms).

Shall be serviced, oil changed, inspected for worn parts, blades sharpened & oiled.

Serviced, oil changed, cleaned & inspected for any worn parts.

Serviced according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Shall be taken annually of all parts, paint and cleaning materials. Requests for new equipment shall be made prior to processing of budget (FY begins 7/1)

Electrical Inspections
Fuse panels shall be visually inspected for defective wires or loose connections.

Apartment Inspections
All units to be inspected annually using inspection sheet attached.

Apartment Preparation
Before lease up each unit will be painted throughout. Appliances thoroughly cleaned and checked including exhaust fan, Emergency cords, door and window locks and smoke detectors inspected. Floors scrubbed and free of all old wax. Kitchen cabinets cleaned. Windows washed inside and out; light bulbs replaced; carpets shampooed where installed permanently.



Personnel Policy

Personnel Policy (PDF)



Pet Policy

Pet Policy (PDF)



Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy (PDF)



Progressive Discipline Policy

Progressive Discipline Policy (PDF)



Rent Collection Policy

Rent Collection (PDF)



Snow Removal Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the tenant’s responsibility regarding their cars parked at Cole Court during the snow season.

It is the responsibility of the tenants at Cole Court to clear off and move their own cars to allow for plowing of parking areas. If unable to do so themselves, they must arrange to have a neighbor, relative or friend assist them.

Our Maintenance staff is not permitted to clear off or move cars.



Tenant Selection Occupancy Policy

Tenant Selection Occupancy Policy (PDF)



Travel Policy

Holliston Housing Authority Employees authorized to, use private vehicles, the Authority will pay for approved mileage at the Federal/State Standard Mileage Rate for a car. Such rate is inclusive of tolls and parking fees (except for parking in Boston).

  • No out of state travel is allowed.
  • No reimbursement for rental cars.
  • No reimbursement for alcoholic beverages.

Reimbursement for meals are allowed per budget guidelines. All expenses must be vouched and have the proper documentation attached prior to payment. No expenses are permissible that exceed the approved budgeted amount allowable in account 4150.